Art au Centre is a group exhibition project to revitalize the city center of Liège through art. It consists of investing in the windows of empty shops to install artworks by artists from Liège, Belgium and abroad, in order to offer an artistic journey through the city.

Marc Angeli, Margaux Blanchart, Jérôme Bouchard, Olivier Bovy, Collectief Nuiits, Paul Cottet, Ronald Dagonnier, Bob Demper, Estelle Deschamp, Jonathan De Winter, Apolline Ducrocq, Lionel Estève, Julia Gault, Bart Geerts, Johan Gelper, Marjolein Guldentops, Dayoung Jeong, Sanne Kabalt, Guda Koster, Les Rayons, Daisy Madden-Wells, Griet Moors, Thadiwe Muriu, Melissa Ryke, Niels-Jan Tavernier, Ariane Toussaint, Bram Van Meervelde, François Winants

Sandrine Bouillon, Philippe Braem, Arthur Cordier, Thomas Ghaye, Marie-Claire Krell, Bertrand Leonard, Maxime Moinet, Alicja Melzacka, Anna Ozanne, Mikail Koçak, Marjorie Ranieri

AAC #9 02.06 — 31.08.2022
Vernissage + guided tour 02.06 – 18h

14, Rue de la Sirene
Curator & Text: Marie-Claire Krell

Griet Moors approaches art as an architect, constructing paintings and prints into situational settings that play with our outlook on the world. Her interest stems from the fact that our gaze cannot be limited to just one object, it is guided through the world by our motion and is given direction from who we are. For Moors, our gaze, not the canvas or pedestal, is the bearer of the image, as it taps into numerous conscious and unconscious impressions and experiences. 

In her artistic research, she analyses this pictorial mobility, trying to get hold of that ever changing point of view, that is already inherent to the physical approach of a body moving towards an artwork. Therefore her acrylic paintings, digital scans and prints on paper do not stand alone, on the contrary, they open the view on the space surrounding them, the street, corners and architecture. 

Her temporary arrangements of abstract images and spatial elements give insight into an interdimensional network of colors, lines, forms, directions, light and space. As we pass by and through time, our gaze spreads into not just simultaneous but time-delayed perceptions of the world around us. Memories superimpose our dynamic perception of spaces, places and things, as their visual impressions become memories themselves. Moors is interested in translating these multidimensional experiences, looking for the spatial convergence of flat images throughout time, trying to get a grip of its perspective just at its tipping point.