Griet Moors explores the unsteady boundaries between painting, installation art, digital scans, photography and architecture. Her work relates to an architectural setting as a game of applying, repositioning and removing self-made images and combined raw objects to the extent that existing architectural elements are subtly emphasized within the assembled artwork. Departing from rather unnoticed details, tangible and visible materiality, color, changing light conditions, etc., Griet considers the spectator’s gaze as the bearer of an image, instead of the canvas or a pedestal. The engaged look of the attentive beholder is being guided (distracted) back and forth between the installed work and the existing environment, almost as if a space has been delicately designed for the artwork – and not the other way around.

Griet Moors also teaches Image Analysis at PXL-MAD School of Arts. In 2019, she obtained a PhD in the Arts with her dissertation & exhibition ‘Het kantelpunt als invalshoek’, after acquiring a master’s degree in painting (2014) and in architecture (2002). 


2023  24 maart – 22 juli / OMSLAG – Luc Piron & Griet Moors / Meubart / Diest (B)
2023  20 april – 11 mei / In Absence / MAD Gallery / Hasselt (B), curated by Karen Wuytens & Nadia Sels

Instagram: grietmoors